About us

Emmo Inc. is a proud Canadian venture that is focused on creating a more sustainable future by providing high quality electric bicycles (otherwise known as “E-bikes”).

We offer a wide variety of E-bikes that are suitable for leading a greener, and more stylish, way of living within an urban setting. Emmo E-bikes are priced competitively with other green solutions. At Emmo Inc., we provide on and off site repair services to better service our customers.  We believe that in order to reach a greener future, we must provide quality goods to our customer.


  • Industry-Leading Products

Quality: From designing to manufacturing, from distribution to PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection), Emmo monitors every single step in the entire process. While maintaining our high standards, we aim to provide every Emmo customer with the best products in the market.

Reliable Technology: Through the combination of our expertise in the industry and the latest technologies – Emmo Super Torque motor, high performance batteries, keyless start, and more. We are devoted to learning and delivering a safer and more comfortable riding experience to Emmo customers.


  • Flexibility of Purchasing

Various Options: We offer a wide range of models with varying designs. From traditional electric bicycles to electric motorcycles, from toy ride-ons to mobility scooters, we have the bike that fits your needs.

Price: Targeting at highest cost-performance ratio, we offer the most competitive price in the market.

Convenience of Purchase: There are more than 100 Emmo dealers across Canada and the number keeps growing with time. In addition, we also ship our products throughout Canada.

Payment Methods: We accept a variety of payment methods- Debit, Visa, E-transfer. Besides, finance is also available at most locations.


  • Professional After-Sale Services

Warranty: Every new bike comes with a one-year comprehensive warranty, to give you a peace of mind in the investment *

Best Service Team: Our professional and knowledgeable technicians are always happy to help you with any problems of your bike.