Accepted IDs for Financing Application

*Accepted Canadian IDs:

  •       Canadian Driver’s License

  •       Canadian Passport

  •       Canadian Permanent Resident Card

  •       Ontario Photo Card

  •       Canadian Government Employee ID

  •       NEXUS/CANPASS Card

  •       Canadian Firearm License

  •       Canadian Forces ID

  •       Police Force ID

  •       Native Status Card

  •       Other Canadian Government ID

  •       Optional:SIN Card

     (NO Health card from ON, MB, or PEI, Acceptable IDs are required by the financing company and subject to changes)


If a customer is unable to provide a form of Canadian Photographic ID we ask that they provide a copy of their Passport along with 2 pieces from LIST A, or 1 piece from LIST A and 1 piece from LIST B (see list below).  We are required to ensure that the customer will be a resident of Canada for the duration of the loan agreement.


  •       Birth certificate issued in Canada

  •      Citizenship and Immigration Canada Form IMM 1000, IMM 1442, or IMM 5292

  •       Social Insurance Number card

  •       Certificate of Canadian Citizenship with no photo

  •       Provincial health insurance card with no photo (not allowed in Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario or PEI)

  •       Certification of Naturalization

  •       Canadian Firearm License

  •       Old Age Security Card

     LIST B

  •       Employee identity card, issued by an employer that is well known in the community, bearing the individuals photograph

  •       Canadian university or college student card with photo

  •       Canadian Social Insurance Number letter