Shipping & Return

Where to buy

If you are located in Toronto, we have a showroom located at Unit 2 - 438 Spadina Ave, Toronto ON. At the Toronto location, with a piece of photo ID (ie. Drivers license, health card, passport) you can test drive our models. We also have a showroom at Unit 6 - 1224 Dundas St. E. in Mississauga, ON. You can also find out more details of our dealers at Here. Input your city or postal code and click Search. The map will show dealers that are closest to you.


How to pay

At most stores we accept various payment methods: Cash, Debit card, Credit card, Email transfer and Financing.  For more payment options or details please contact your local dealer.

About Financing

Financing is provided by our third party partner. For more information about financing, please visit the Financing section.



You can pick up e-bikes at your local dealer or arrange for the e-bike to be delivered to you (additional charges may apply). Please note that e-bikes vary in size and weight, which will affect the way we transport the bike to you.

In the event a product arrives damaged, you are required to report any damage to Emmo Inc or the location you purchased from within 7 days of receiving the ebike, with pictures or videos for any shipping damage and proof of purchase. The cost of shipping for warranty parts will not be covered under warranty unless Emmo Inc agrees in writing to cover the shipping cost. Shipping damage is not covered by Emmo Inc if you choose your own shipping method or freight forwarder.

If minor damage that is cosmetic only, you can note the damage on the Bill of Delivery prior to signing off on the shipment and notify Emmo Inc with pictures of the damage. You may be required to ship the item to Emmo Inc before receiving a replacement item. If major damage that may affect the safety of operating the ebike, please refuse the shipment on the basis of the damage, note the damage on the Bill of Delivery, and notify Emmo Inc with pictures of the damage.