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Phone: 416-792-6736

Toronto Service Centre: 8 Oxford Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1N9


We understand that it could frustrating to get stuck on the road. If your Emmo e-bike breaks down, you can contact us at any time to have your bike fixed within the shortest time and at the lowest cost. Our friendly and professional service team are always ready to help.
In case you can’t bring the bike/part to us, you can send us pictures, videos or any other information that might help. Our team will try our best to help you out.
Troubleshooting is tricky and requires some inspection in order to find out the problem. There are a number of causes for the malfunction of the bike. It can be a broken cable, or a damaged brake sensor. It can also involves the controller, the motor or the main harness, which requires further inspection in order to find out.
No matter what is wrong with your e-bike, we will do our best to have your bike down the road. Even if your bike is not from Emmo, we are also happy and willing to work out the best solution for you.
If you need any help, feel free to contact us or leave us a message!